rowan down the river

I'm Rowan 19 NYC --> New Orleans
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School is a difficult time for everyone. Kids are mean and I was at a tough school. I was quite quiet, having been brought up with just my mum. I wasn’t able to fight. It’s a confidence thing. That sort of bullying really lowers your confidence. But I was lucky. I had a mum who understood when I told her. She put me in another school and it was because of that school that I fell into acting and Skins. Drama was the only thing that I ever felt confident in. It was the only time I ever put my hand up in class. I fell in love with it when I was nine. I suddenly didn’t feel scared to say the wrong thing. I remember feeling a buzz off it and wanting to feel that buzz every day.

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How far would I go for love? I’d go to the end of the world and back again, I think love’s a very beautiful thing. And I, I believe in fairy tale, so I would go very far.

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